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SocialAppMerchant is the leading provider of merchant accounts and payment technology to SAAS companies, fintech start-ups, online app developers, daily deal site operators, online game companies, counter culture businesses, and other innovative companies who are outside-the-box of traditional e-commerce retailers.

Companies who operate in emerging markets often find it difficult to establish a merchant account outside of Paypal and other third party billing models. While  these services are important to have as alternative billing methods, it is important to have a direct merchant account and a robust payment platform.  With so many different payment technologies in the market, it becomes time-consuming and difficult to determine what services you really need. As the marketplace has clearly demonstrated, your business could very well grow from 5 transactions a week to thousands a day. It is imperative  that your payment platform and the relationship with your processor is set to scale.  It’s often difficult to find a bank that understands these unique billing models. Without the level of comfort, banks typically a. impose higher processing fees b. Freeze funds if you grow too quickly c. Not have the proper tools in place to help you mitigate fraud. That’s if your account even gets approved.

This is where Social App Merchant can help. Think of us as your personal “Merchant Tailor” where our payment processing services are custom made to fit your individual business model and future growth plans.

Social App Merchant is very comfortable working with companies who are entering into emerging markets such as mobile applications, social network applications, virtual gifting and the less traditional verticals that are “outside of the box” of traditional credit card processing. Our vast knowledge of the payments space allows us to accurately present your file to underwriting at the bank.

We are a leading PCI-compliant payment platform provider for e-commerce merchants. Our extensive online payments experience, international banking relationships, proprietary gateway technology, and in-house expertise makes it possible for us to be a true one-stop shop for all of your payment processing needs.

While many companies provide merely a front-end processing platform through software, Social App Merchant truly provides a full suite of payment processing products including global merchant acccounts, robust gateway, recurring billing, multi-currency, chargeback administration, risk and compliance management, fraud scrubbing tools including velocity ip checking, and premier client support.

Our merchant payment platform is easily integrated and provides all of the components needed to process and settle transactions under one roof including front-end and back-end processing functions and connectivity, real time reporting, and a completely scalable and customizable system.

This is a major departure from the industry standard: a segmented transaction flow involving several separate and disconnected providers (gateway software and service, processor, merchant bank, etc.) at different steps passing transaction information from one to the next.

The consolidated flow offered by SocialAppMerchant improves the traditionally lacking areas of customer service, reporting, and chargeback management. And, most importantly, since we’ve established direct connections to the card networks, we’re able to compete and win on a price basis with any provider out there and more importantly, streamline your internal business process and reporting.

Accepting credit cards, ACH, and alternative payments online has never been easier for companies operating in emerging markets including start-ups.

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Also, if you already have an existing merchant account and payment platform, let us show you how to reduce credit card and ACH fees, add alternative payments, establish secondary merchant accounts to avoid volume caps, manage fraud and chargebacks, and simplify your vendor relationships.

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The Highlights

  • Four distinct connectivity options - Secure Payment Page, Virtual Terminal, Batch Processing, and Application Program Interface (API)
  • Multi-currency processing in GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, and more
  • Easy-to-use Web interface to process mail-order/telephone-orders from anywhere you have Internet access
  • Sophisticated fraud-detection system to reduce unauthorized orders
  • Customer service and technical support teams for a smooth set-up
  • Convenient online, real-time transaction reporting
  • Fast payment options - provide us your bank account details and choose the payment schedule that is right for you
  • Bank-neutral - no need to change your current banking relationships